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New season..

Start of the 2015 season..

Just thought I’d share the plans for this years season while sat waiting for a flight in dubai bound for Joburg.

I’m heading down to South Africa one of my favourite places for the Di data tournament at fancourt links golf club, a spectacular part of the world. I’m currently 10th reserve for Joburg open so hopefully will be staying on for 2 weeks and playing there also.

My category’s this year are pretty similar to last year with a strong European challenge tour card and weaker category on main tour,but hopefully should get me about 10-12 starts on main tour,which I’m planning on playing unless things start really well on challenge tour.

Challenge tour starts this year with its biggest event the Madeira open which is also a main tour event,so everything is really getting geared up for that on 19th-22nd march,then over to Kenya for another good event at the start of April.

My game feels really good at the moment and I have some really good feelings of old in the swing form my peak back in 2005-08,with lower half strong stability and strong movement of the top half of the body which is now giving me a real neutral flight on the ball again,(no left going left shots anymore arghhh!)

I’m now working on this with Adrian Fryer from Warrington, who I’ve worked with in the past,we’re 2 lessons in but things feel really good already,long may it continue. I’m well into a fitness program now also and Xmas weight has already been shedded and feel I’m getting stronger each week,I’ll have to as I’ve entered the Steve Prescott foundation St. Helens 10k run on the 8th march and don’t want to make a fool of myself as I want to record a decent time ! Also sorry to name drop,but I picked Darren Clarke’s brains on his fitness program when over in turkey just before Xmas and have put a routine of weights into the program to strengthen up.

I feel as though I’ve assembled a really good team behind me this year,I signed with ELTON GIDNEY management last year and things are starting to move forward pretty well with them in the second year bringing on a new clothing sponsor who are SPENCER PAUL a real up and coming company who pride themselves on being a completely manufactured British product. Also on board this year is PROSSER KNOWLES - Financial Planning - who have promised to double my investments in one year!!…only joking nick! Joking aside I’m really looking forward to building a good relationship with this company this year.

I’ll be using Titliest/footjoy balls and shoes for the 25th year on the trot also! I’ll also be using JOHN LETTERS Equipment this year which will be my 8th year of being associated with them,there equipment has gone from strength to strength over the last few years so hopefully I can get the results this year to reward them.

I’ll be blogging again soon when I have a few tournaments under my belt and hopefully be able to give you some good results,but overall I feel really positive about this year and fingers crossed I will be back on the main stage fully soon.

Happy golfing

Phil archer

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