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End of 2015 season and new beginnings for 2016

Hi all, I’ve not done blog for quite a while, this season has been a bit of a whirlwind and unfortunately not too many things have happened worth writing about!

I’ve played a full season this year,playing 7 European tour events and 14 European Challenge Tour events, as results go this has been my worst year to date and being honest probably the first year I have not really enjoyed all the travelling. Looking back and analysing the year that’s probably the main reason the results were not as they should be. There’s been some good golf played , but the cosistancy has just not been there I missed 5 of the seven cuts made on European Tour and finished 90th on the Challenge Tour order of merit, my worse finishing position since I started playing full time tour golf. I know I’m being quite blunt with this description of my season, but I’ve always been a realist and there no need painting it as its not, I need to start enjoying my golf again and maybe a break will be the best remedy!

So next year is going to be a little different for myself, I’m still going to play, as I have a ranking on Challenge tour, and I will be playing on the PGA North region in the pro arms and regional events, so anyone looking for a pro next year in pro arms let me know!

I will also be starting a couple of new ventures into coaching the game of golf, something I have always had a real interest in and I’m looking forward to to the new challenge, having played with so many world class players over the last 20 years and worked under some very good coaches I feel I’ve learnt and experienced lots of invaluable skills

The first venture I’m going into is coaching at the new TOUR X GOLF Facility in Wigan, working with master club builder Nick Hibbs on the TRACKMAN SYSTEM.The new place nick has put together is a golfers paradise and fulfills everybody’s golfing needs. I’m really looking forward to building something special with nick, for any further info on this please contact TOUR X on 01942821500 or send me an email on

I’m also starting something with Freddie Valenti at Poulton Park golf club which will be announced very soon, another venture that I’m really excited about getting involved in

This is not the end of me playing, it’s just a slowing down of my touring golf and a fresh start to get my love back for something that has been my life for the last 30 years and I feel this is the best way forward

Anyway all that said I’m really looking forward to the new challenges and hopefully spending a little more time at home with my family

Log back in soon


Phil archer

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